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Monday, 15 October 2018

Two teenagers wounded in Junction Triangle stabbing

A 16-year-old has been taken to a trauma centre

following a stabbing near the Junction Triangle.

Police were called to the area of Paton Road

and Wade Avenue near Lansdowne Road and

Bloor Street West just after 3:30 p.m. Sunday.

They say two males – a 16-year-old and an 18-

year-old – were involved in an altercation with a

group of other people near some railway tracks

that run perpendicular to Wade Avenue in what

they believe started out as a robbery.

The 16-year-old suffered serious but non-life

threatening injuries and was taken to a nearby

trauma centre. The 18-year-old suffered

superficial injuries.

Police say they are searching for between eight

to 10 suspects in connection with the incident

but no descriptions have been released at this


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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Gunman shoot wife and son of Indian judge

According to police, the incident occurred around 3

pm, at Unitech Arcadia in the city’s Sector 49. The victims are family of Krishan Kant Sharma, who is

an additional district and sessions judge in


The wife and son of an additional sessions judge

were shot at in Gurgaon on Saturday afternoon,

allegedly by their own gunman. The accused in the

case fled the spot after the incident, but has now

been apprehended.

According to police, the incident occurred around 3

pm, at Unitech Arcadia in the city’s Sector 49. The

victims are the family of Krishan Kant Sharma, who

is an additional district and sessions judge in


“They had gone to Arcadia market to pick up some

things, and he opened fire on them while they were

getting into the car afterwards,” said Sumit Kumar,

DCP (Crime).

“Both the injured were first rushed to Park hospital,

from where they were referred to Medanta-The

Medicity, where they are undergoing treatment. The

accused has been apprehended,” he said.

The accused, police say, has been identified as

32-year-old Mahipal, a Head Constable (HC) who

hails from Mahendargarh. He had been posted with

Sharma for the last 1.5 years, say police.

“Checkpoints were set up in the area as soon as

we were alerted about the incident. The accused

had fled the spot in the car, but has now been

apprehended. Further investigations are being

conducted,” said Subhash Boken, PRO of Gurgaon


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Two killed as bus falls into gorge in India

Two persons were killed and 17 others

injured early Thursday when a bus

carrying them fell into a gorge near

Pukpui village, on the outskirts of

Mizoram’s Lunglei district, a police

officer said.

The bus, with 19 people including two

drivers, was on its way to Aizawl from

Siaha district, in the southern part of the

state, when it met with the accident

around 2.30 am.

Two passengers H. Zirsanga of Lawngtlai

district and Albert Rothangpuia of Aizawl

were killed on spot, he said.

“Prima facie, it seems the brake

malfunctioned and the driver lost control

of the vehicle. The exact reason will be

ascertained after a thorough

investigation,” the officer said.

Of those injured in the accident, five

have been admitted at Christian Hospital

in Lunglei, he said, adding that the

condition of one patient has been stated

to be


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Break down: Justin Bieber captured crying as Selena Gomez is admitted

Justin Bieber has been spotted breaking down in

tears following Selena Gomez ' admission to a

mental health facility.

The 24 year old was seen sobbing in his car as

wife Hailey Baldwin looked stoically on while they

drove to his pastor's house on Thursday.

And he's struggling with news his ex has suffered

an 'emotional breakdown' after he got engaged to

Hailey, 21, just weeks after their split, according

to reports.

"Justin and Selena are not in touch but him

hearing the news about Selena definitely upsets

him," a source told E! News.

"He feels sad and remorse for Selena and knows

how it is to go through a difficult time. Justin also

feels guilty. He wants to help everyone. He truly

wants Selena to be happy, and it's upsetting to

know she's battling health issues."

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Friday, 12 October 2018

Baby killed, as pregnant woman is shot in stomach by teenagers.

Two teenage girls, Jaela Hough and Trinity Catalina

LeGrande, have been arrested and charged with

shooting a pregnant woman in the stomach - killing

her baby.

Greensboro, NC police say that Jaela, 17, and Trinity,

17, are each charged with first-degree murder, assault

with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, inflicting

serious injury, injury to real property and misdemeanor

larceny. If convicted, they each face the DEATH


The girls must think the charges are funny, because

they were smiling in their mugshot photos.

Police say the suspects fired off rounds at the victim -

who was at a park in Greensboro.

The pregnant woman was struck in the stomach. She

was rushed to the hospital, where she gave birth to her

baby. Unfortunately the infant succumbed to its

injuries sustained from the shooting.

The mother survived, and is in stable condition.

Greensboro Police responded to the shooting at 1:30

a.m. Sept. 13, at 3117 Henry Street. There they found

the pregnant woman at the Henry Street Park suffering

from a gunshot wound.

Witnesses told police that occupants of an older-

model Dodge Charger fired several rounds from inside

the vehicle, and one of the bullets struck the mother-


Davis said interviews and evidence led to the arrest of

Hough and LeGrande. He declined to provide more

details, saying the shooting remains an active


The teens were taken into custody Monday morning by

the Greensboro Police Department Violent Crimes

Apprehension Team, the State Bureau of Investigation

and the Burlington Police Department.

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Strange: 4yr-old baby comes home with cocaine

A mum was horrified when her four-year-old

daughter came home from daycare with crack

cocaine on her.

Sabrina Straker said that her daughter Serenity

returned from Little Inventors Day Care in New

York to show her small capsules of the white

substance - saying that another child gave it to her

and it was a "tooth".

The mum, who thought the substance looked

suspicious, rushed to the police , who told her it

was crack cocaine.

The mum said to ABC News that her daughter

was behaving in an odd manner, so she

immediately rushed her to the hospital

"She couldn't sit down," Sabrina said.

"She was beyond bouncy, very loquacious, just all

over the place, literally, talking to herself, looking

in the mirror, saying she sees three of herself.

"Once they did the urine test, it came back

positive that she had cocaine in her system".

The outlet reported that daycare officials believe

someone threw the drugs over the school's fence

to get rid of it, and police are now investigating

potential child endangerment charges.

The mum is thankful that her daughter spat the

substance out instead of ingesting it, or she could

have lost her little girl.

The drug typically causes the heart to beat faster,

a raised temperature and over-confidence -

according to Talk To Frank - and carries many

serious risks.

"Had my daughter ingested the capsule and not

spit it out, I would be planning a funeral," Sabrina

said to ABC.

"Luckily because she spit it out she's still here."

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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Killer dad stuffs daughter's body in suitcase

Plummer’s criminal convictions allow the state to
seek an extended term. In 2005, he was convicted of
child abuse in Virginia when his 8-month-old son
drowned in a bathtub after he was left unattended, The
Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

A Virginia man is being charged in association with

the death of his 23 month old daughter. Police found

the toddler girl's body in a suitcase next to train tracks

in New Jersey earlier this year. The child's father has

been arraigned on a count of disturbing or concealing

human remains.

Travis Plummer, a 37-year-old man from Richmond,

VA has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Authorities say Plummer took 23-month-old Te'Myah

Layauna Plummer from her mother in Virginia last fall

and traveled to New Jersey with the decomposing

body wrapped inside a suitcase. The body was found

April 11.

A cause of death hasn't been announced.

Authorities believe Plummer left the suitcase in a

friend's garage in Jersey City, and dumped it near the

tracks after police came to the friend's house in


The FBI tracked Plummer to San Juan, Puerto Rico,

where he was arrested April 19.

The crime is punishable by five to 10 years in prison

under New Jersey law. But the state will be filing a

motion to extend Plummer’s term and seek a larger

sentence, Assistant Prosecutor Lynne Seborowski said.

Plummer’s prior criminal convictions allow the state to

seek an extended term. In 2005, he was convicted of

child abuse in Virginia when his 8-month-old son

drowned in a bathtub after he was left unattended, The

Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

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John Legend's wife posts 'sexy' photo, but fans are 'killing' her for it

John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen just released some

new pics of her body - out pregnancy. Chrissy just

gave birth 6 months ago, and she's proud of her new


Before giving birth, Chrissy was a model for men's

magazines - like Maxim and Sports Illustrated.

But her body has gone through a lot of changes since

then. And some of her "fans" don't think that the new

pics of Chrissy are very flattering.

Here are some of the comments online:

  • It must be painful for her to see her old pics from being a Sports Illustrated model to this...
  • She looks like my laundry lady
  • Why does this woman call herself a model?
  • Standards are slipping these days.

Chrissy is hoping to change the look of models - so

that women of all shapes are accepted into the field.

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WhatsApp Hacking Report: Your WhatsApp may beat at risk

If you use WhatsApp ’s video call feature, your

account may have been vulnerable to being


A bug in both the Android and iOS versions of

WhatsApp could have let hackers intercept your

private calls and take over your app.

The flaw was discovered by Google researcher

Natalie Silvanovich, who subsequently reported it

to WhatsApp.

Thankfully, WhatsApp has now fixed the flaw - and

says that it hasn’t found any evidence that hackers

used the exploit.

WhatsApp said: “WhatsApp cares deeply about

the security of our users.

“We routinely engage with security researchers

from around the world to ensure WhatsApp

remains safe and reliable.

“We promptly issued a fix to the latest version of

WhatsApp to resolve this issue.”

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Chioma leaves Davido: It is a fake news by Kemi

We saw a post on one Nigerian news platform reporting that Kemi Olunloye tweeted that Davido's girlfriend has broken up with him.

Kemi Olunloye what is this? What are you up to? Everybody now knows you for always striking blows at celebrities. We at Nigeria, are giving you a word of advice, whether you are looking for relevance, or another thing, please stay on the right track of delivering AUTHENTIC NEWS,  Which is what we stand for here at Nigeria. 

We at Nigeria can tell you our valued reader that it is a FAKE NEWS, from observations we have made. 

The couple who are known to be very active on Instagram have not posted anything that can add a little flicker of truth to this claim by Kemi Olunloye.

Anyway, the couple seems to happy and busy with what they do, as these photos from Instagram show;

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Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2018) launching today

Samsung is expected to launch its new

Galaxy A9 Pro (2018) smartphone today.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2018) is said to

feature quad-camera system on the back.

The South Korean tech company is

hosting the launch event at Kuala

Lumpur, Malaysia. Samsung will be

running livestream of the “4X fun”

Galaxy event as well. Here are the details

on Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2018) live

streaming, India timings, expected

features, price and more.

Samsung is hosting a “4X fun” Galaxy A

event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia today.

The company is widely anticipated to

unveil its quadruple camera Galaxy A9

Pro (2018) at the event. Samsung will be

running livestream of the launch event

via its official Newsroom site. Interested

users can catch the launch event updates

live by clicking on the site https://

galaxy-event-from-anywhere . The

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2018) launch

event will kick start at 2:30 pm IST.

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2018): Expected

price, specifications

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2018) could

feature a quadruple camera set up at the

back. The four cameras will be stacked

vertically. According to an

AllAboutSamsung report, Samsung Galaxy

A9 Pro (2018) aka Galaxy A9 Star will

feature four camera modules at the back

comprising of a 24MP primary sensor

and an 8MP camera sensor with a super

wide-angle lens of 120-degree field of

view. There will be two zoom lenses of

10MP and 5MP respectively on the rear

side, as per the report. Up front, the

phone is said to house a 24MP Sony IMX

576 sensor.

As for the rest of the specifications,

reports suggest that the upcoming

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2018) might

feature a tall 6.28-inch full HD+ AMOLED

panel. The phone could be powered by

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC. The is

rumoured to pack a 3,720mAh battery.

Previous reports have indicated that the

Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro (2018) could offer

4GB or 6GB of RAM paired with 64GB or

128GB onboard storage.

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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Doctor finds nail inside man's head

A man in

China got the

shock of his

life when he

was told the

cause behind

his ‘splitting

headache’. The


man reached a

hospital in




complaining of

a severe

headache. When he was examined, the

doctors found out that a 48mm-long nail

was stuck in the top of his skull, the

Shanghaiist reported.

When asked how the nail managed to

reach his skull, the man surnamed Hu

informed the doctors that he worked at a

local cement factory was nowhere close

to any construction material let alone

nails. He further elaborated that

headache started earlier this week,

however with time it grew worse forcing

him to visit the hospital, the same report


“I have no idea why there is a nail in my

head,” he told Chutian Metropolis Daily

the South China Morning Post stated. “My

job is to monitor the security

surveillance cameras in the factory – it

has nothing to do with nails.”

Fortunately, the health indicators of the

man were normal, however, doctors are

yet to figure out how the nail ended up

in the skull.

Hu has been taken to a larger hospital

for treatment, where he will undergo an

operation to get the nail extracted from

his head.

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Bloody accident leaves 50 persons dead

Fifty people have been killed in a bus

accident in western Kenya early on

Wednesday, authorities said.

Witnesses and police on Wednesday

said the bus swerved off the road while

driving down a steep slope, and rolled

into a ditch at 4 am local time (0100

GMT) in western Kericho county.

According to police, the bus was

travelling from Nairobi to the western

town of Kakamega and was carrying 52


Rift Valley regional police boss Francis

Munyambu told the Associated Press

that survivors from the bus were

receiving treatment at local hospitals.

The Kenyan Red Cross wrote on Twitter

that the bus had overturned. However,

more details on the cause of the

accident were not immediately


Official statistics show that around

3,000 people die annually in road

accidents in Kenya, but the World

Health Organization estimates the figure

could be as high as 12,000.

In December 2017, 36 people died in a

head-on collision between a bus and a

truck in the east African country.

In 2016, more than 40 people died when

an out-of-control fuel tanker rammed

into vehicles and then exploded on a

busy stretch of highway.

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2South East: PDP gives Atiku conditions for picking Vice President

The national leadership of the Peoples Democratic

Party, PDP, has told its presidential candidate,

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, things to look out for as he

searches for his Vice ahead of 2019.

The leadership of the party, led by its National

Chairman, Prince Uche Secondus, met with Atiku to

discuss the issue.

The meeting was held at the party’s presidential

campaign office, otherwise known as Legacy

House, Maitama, Abuja, on Sunday night,

according to Punch.

Some criteria were set for who should partner Atiku

to enable it to defeat President Muhammadu Buhari

in the February 14, 2019 presidential election.

Atiku and his team were the first to arrive for the

meeting before Secondus and his team, who were

delayed with flight schedule from Port Harcourt.

The meeting started late in the night and lasted for

about two hours.

Atiku was mandated to submit list of his preferred

candidates as running mates to the party.

The ex-VP was told that the running mate should

be younger than him and be grounded in the

economy, according to Punch.

The newspaper also reported that series of

meetings would be held within the week in order

to enable the party meet the deadline set by the

Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC,

for the submission of candidates’ names for the


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Flights grounded, passengers stranded as unions shutdown Lagos airport

Hundreds of passengers were on Wednesday

stranded as protesting members of the aviation

unions shutdown operations at the Murtala

Muhammed Airport 2, operated by Bi-Courtney

Aviation Services Limited.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that

the unions embarked on the protest alleging

BASL’s sacking of 20 employees who indicated

interest to unionise.

The protesting unions are the National Union of

Air Transport Employees (NUATE), Air Transport

Services Senior Staff Association of Nigeria

(ATSSSAN) and the National Association of

Aircraft Pilots and Engineers (NAAPE).

As early as 6am, the union members, who defied

early morning downpour, barricaded the entrance

to the MMA2.

Their action came in spite of a court order

restraining them from embarking on the protest.

The unionists, who chanted various solidarity

songs, accused BASL management of violating

extant labour laws by not recognising the unions

and preventing staff from joining unions in the


They prevented passengers going to catch their

early morning flights, and also airline officials and

people with businesses inside the terminal from

gaining access to the premises.

The protest also caused heavy vehicular traffic

around the airport environment, which spiraled to

some parts of Ikeja and the Agege Motor Road.

Airlines affected by the action include Arik Air,

Medview Airline, Azman Air, Max Air, Dana Air and

Aero Contractors, which operate flights from the


There was heavy presence of security operatives

including the Police and officers of the Nigeria Air

Force in the area during the protest.

Mr Frances Akinjole, General Secretary, ATSSSAN,

told NAN that the unions were compelled to carry

out the action following the refusal of the BASL

management to accede to their demands.

Akinjole said: ”This issue started since May when

these workers were laid off for indicating interest

to belong to unions.

“We met the management asking them to

reinstate these workers and recognise their rights

to join unions but they refused.

“The regulator of the industry, the Nigerian Civil

Aviation Authority (NCAA) as well as aviation

security agencies have intervened in series of

meetings, but BASL management has refused to

do the needful to avert this crisis.”

Akinjole denied knowledge of any court order

restraining the unions from carrying out the action,

stressing that what they were doing had legal


Also, Mr Olayinka Abioye, General Secretary,

NUATE, said the unions had issued the notice of

strike to the public to afford travelers the

opportunity of making alternative traveling


Abioye urged the union members to remain calm

and refuse any form of provocation by security

agencies deployed to quell the protest.

However, Bi-Courtney in a statement issued by its

spokesman, Mr Steve Omolale, said the company

had obtained a court order from the Federal High

Court, Lagos, restraining the unions from shutting

down Nigeria’s only privately-owned terminal.

“We will like to bring it to the attention of the

entire public that the Federal High Court in Lagos

in suit number FHC/L/CS/16412/18 has granted

an order restraining the unions from carrying out

their threats of disrupting the activities of the


“Pursuant to this order, members of the unions

found in the premises of MMA2 would be liable

to trespass.

“We reserve our right under the law of Nigeria to

deal with such person as a trespasser,” he said.

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Kanye West to visit White House for meeting with Donald Trump

Kanye West is following in wife Kim's footsteps

after getting an invite to see Donald Trump at

the White House.

The rapper is scheduled to have lunch with the

president and also meet his son-in-law Jared

Kushner, White House press secretary Sarah

Huckabee Sanders confirmed.

They will discuss manufacturing, prison reform,

gang violence and how to reduce violence in

Chicago, where West grew up.

The White House has not said when the visit will

take place.

It comes after West announced a name change

last month, saying he now wants to be known as

YE - a nickname he has used for many years and

the title of his last album .

Mr Trump recently tweeted praise for the

musician after he closed a Saturday Night Live

show wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat

and delivered an unscripted pro-Trump message

after the credits rolled.

"If someone inspires me, and I connect with

them, I don't have to believe in all their policies,"

he said.

West, 41, deleted his social media accounts for

the third amid a backlash following the show.

His upcoming visit will not be the first time he

has met Mr Trump, having been pictured with the

then president-elect at Trump Tower in December


And his West Wing trip comes after wife Kim

Kardashian West met Mr Trump there in May.

The reality TV star successfully persuaded the

president to grant a pardon for a drug offender ,

and has met with senior aides regarding criminal

justice reform.

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Mother Of 8 CHILDREN Killed By Her Husband

A 34-year-old mother of eight Ashley Nicole Stephens
was shot dead in a Jacksonville apartment complex.
Police believe her own husband gunned her down.
The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office announced the death
of on Saturday afternoon.

According to police, they responded to a 9-1-1 call of
gunshots heard in the area.
When officers arrived, they discovered Ashley shot
dead in the parking lot.
Homicide detectives identified her husband 29-year-old
Marco Jarell Stephens as the suspect. Ashley and
Marco were reportedly still married but estranged.
Court records revealed Ashley filed for a temporary
restraining order against Marco in December of 2017.
Neither showed up to the hearing about two weeks

Information about what happened was shared with
surrounding police departments, and Marco Stephens
was located in Pasco County by local law enforcement
driving Ashley Stephens' vehicle, Jacksonville Sheriff's
Office announced.
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said their homicide
detectives are currently in Pasco County conducting
investigative efforts.
The suspect was apprehended on Sunday, and is
being held on first degree capital murder charges.
Ashley's cousin, Yucona Mosley, spoke only to Action
News Jax Saturday.
“If felt like a lot of pain,” she said. “And I felt like, I
don’t know, somebody was really crushing my heart.”
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