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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Hot milk sends girl to early grave

Police are probing the death of a 12-year-old girl due to burn injuries she suffered after boiling milk fell on her in the kitchen of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) in Silli area of Ranchi. police registered a case of unnatural death. However, they said they were also probing alleged negligence.

“The girl sustained over 30 per cent burn injuries on October 28. She succumbed on Wednesday. prima facie, everybody said that she accidentally fell on the container that had boiling milk, some of which spilt on her and she got burnt,” said Officer-in-Charge (Silli) Chiranjeet Prasad. The District Education Department has ordered a probe. District Superintendent of Education (Ranchi) Vijay Singh could not be reached for comment.

On Friday, a team from Jharkhand State Commission for Protection of Child Rights visited the school. “Prima facie, various shortcomings and negligence has come to light. The girls said they were in the kitchen to get food, and there was nobody else in the kitchen… There are seven cooks, of whom one was on leave. But all the others told us they had gone to take a bath or for some work. No responsible person was present when the girls were lined up to take their food. The warden claims she was on leave, but there is no official sanction of the same,” said JSCPCR chairperson Arti Kujur.

Warden of KGBV (Silli) Rajni Kumari said: “I was on leave that day. It came to light that the girls went inside the kitchen for food, even though lunch hour had not begun.”

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Friday, 26 October 2018

Boyfriend bites of 'cheating' girlfriend's 'down' lips. Graphic Photos

Hayes wrote on Facebook. “Sitting in a puddle

of my own blood with the majority of my lip

laying on my leg, my whole mouth on fire.

The abusive boyfriend Seth Aaron Fleury, 23, is alleged

to have abused his girlfriend of nearly a year, almost


But his last horrific act - was the straw that finally

caused her to get help. Police say that Seth bit his

girlfriend, Kayla Hayes, lip off. For nearly a year, Kayla

Hayes has been haunted by the abuse she suffered at

the hands of her ex-boyfriend Seth Aaron Fleury.

Hayes, 19, is still healing from the physical and

mental injuries inflicted on her that horrific night on

October 21, 2017, but has bravely opened up about

what she went through in the hope she can inspire

others to seek help if they are victims of domestic


“This was the day that a piece of me died,”

Hayes wrote on Facebook. “Sitting in a puddle

of my own blood with the majority of my lip

laying on my leg, my whole mouth on fire,

confused and terrified, I didn’t know how I

could ever show my face again. At that point,

wishing that those very seconds would just be

my last— I wanted to give up for good.”

Last week, Seth was sentenced to 12 years in prison

after pleading guilty to assault and battery of a high

and aggravated nature.

Seth admitted in court to biting off Kayla's lip when

she refused to kiss him after telling him she did not

want to get back together.

Here is the graphic pic - warning EXTREMELY gruesome:

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Religious priest arrested for raping aid seeker

When she met him, he lured her with

the promise of financial aid and raped


A priest associated with the

Swaminarayan sect here in Gujarat was

arrested Wednesday for allegedly raping

a 20-year-old woman on two occasions

under the pretext of offering money for

her mother’s surgery, the police said.

The accused Nikunj alias Karan

Swarupdas Babubhai Savani (24) had

allegedly raped the woman, a local

resident, around a fortnight ago in a

room adjacent to the Swaminarayan

temple at Dabholi under Katargam police

station and again on October 23, a police

official said.

“Nikunj alias Karan Swarupdas Babubhai

Savani has been arrested for allegedly

raping a 20-year-old woman twice and

threatening her against disclosing the

incident,” said Katargam police station

inspector M I Pathan.

He said the woman had approached

Savani after learning from someone that

he will help her with money for surgery

of her ailing mother.

“When she met him, he lured her with

the promise of financial aid and raped

her,” said Pathan.

He said the accused did not give her the

promised money.

“The woman went to meet Savani again

Tuesday (October 23) for money when he

raped her again,” said the police


The woman narrated the incident to her

parents who approached the police and

lodged an FIR against the priest, said


The victim has been sent for medical

examination while the forensic

examination of the spot of the alleged

incident is underway, he added.

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65yr-old man allegedly rapes 4yr-old girl

The accused was arrested late Monday

evening and produced before a local

court this morning.

A 65-year-old man was arrested for

allegedly raping a 4-year-old girl in

North Tripura district, police said

Tuesday. Speaking to a

senior police official said that the minor

girl was lured by the accused at a village

in the district on the pretext of giving

her chocolate or candies.

“The incident occurred on Monday

morning. A 65-year-old man, who is a

neighbour of the victim, lured her on the

pretext of giving candies or chocolate.

The child was taken to his bedroom and

raped. The victim’s mother filed FIR at a

police station at 5:30 PM last evening,”

the official said.

The accused was arrested late Monday

evening and produced before a local

court this morning. The court then

remanded him to police custody for

questioning. The accused was charged

under the Protection of Children from

Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, 2012.

Earlier on Saturday, another person was

arrested in South Tripura. He was

charged under POCSO Act on Monday

after the Tripura Commission for Women

(TCW) intervened.

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Suicide: Police officer shoots himself dead

The exact reason that prompted him to take the extremestep was yet to be ascertained.

A Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

jawan allegedly committed suicide

Wednesday by shooting himself in

Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district, police

said. Constable Kuldeep Singh, from

CRPF’s 2nd battalion, shot himself with

his service rifle early in the morning in

the battalion’s headquarters in Sukma

town, located around 500 km from

Raipur, a senior police official told PTI.

When Singh’s colleagues heard the

gunshot from his barrack, they rushed

there and found him lying in a pool of

blood. They rushed him to a local

hospital where he was declared brought

dead, the official said.

Singh was a native of Satnali village in

Mahendragarh district of Haryana and

his family members have been informed

about the incident, he said. The exact

reason that prompted him to take the

extreme step was yet to be ascertained,

he said, adding a case was registered in

this connection.

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Customer finds dead mouse inside packaged food sold to him

Customer finds dead mouse inside packaged food sold to him

A man recently shared on social media a picture

of what he thought was a dead mouse in

a microwaveable rice package from Lidl, which is a

UK supermarket company. The picture went viral.

However, an investigation by the supermarket

stated that the mouse was, in reality, a mouse

shaped mould, the Independent reported.

Richard Leech had tweeted a picture of the

cooked Golden Sun pilau rice along with text that

read, “Hi @LidlUK I wonder if you could let me

know how this mouse got into my packet of rice?

Now my house stinks of cooked mouse and my

wife is uncontrollable vomiting.” Leech’s tweet,

which went viral with over six thousands likes,

generated a humorous response from many.

Hi @LidlUK I wonder if you could let me know how

this mouse got into my packet of rice? Now my

house stinks of cooked mouse and my wife is

uncontrollable vomiting.


— Richard Leech (@richardleech90) October 22,


Prior to the investigation by the supermarket, many

people commented on the post, wondering how

the poor rodent managed to get inside the packet.

However, there were others who piled the post with

mouse-based puns and jokes. “Poor Stuart little.

Pray for Stuart,” read one comment referring to the

popular movie Stuart Little. Here are some of the

other hilarious responses to the tweet:

Totally understand that it’s not what you want to

find in your groceries, but cooking the poor thing

is bang out of order. Take your anger out on LIDL,

not the poor mouse. Will take him weeks to

recover from that.

— GeorgeWeahsCousin (@WeahsCousin) October

22, 2018

Poor Stuart little. Pray for Stuart.

— Stephen Davis (@SteveyD) October 22, 2018


— Gary Polmeer (@GaryPolmeer) October 22, 2018

needs a bit of salad on the side

— Robert West (@rapwest) October 22, 2018

You lucky sod. I never win anything ☹️

— Berni (@Berni19111980) October 22, 2018

Is that not Ratatouille??

— Andrew Fox (@foxman1204) October 22, 2018

Just eat around it, it’ll be fine.

— Paul ๐Ÿคจ (@paulnorwich) October 22, 2018

— Carly Louise Ivanko (@russian_doll25) October

22, 2018

Very mice ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

— Marc O’Hara (@marc_ohara) October 22, 2018

Is there any of that special rice left?

— Abi & Neil #FBPE (@AbiNeil1) October 22, 2018

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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Man kills girlfriend and son for not allowing him watch football

A man in Florida, United States, has allegedly murdered his girlfriend and son who wouldn't allow him watch his football match.

 42 year old Florida man is charged with killing his

girlfriend, and her 10 year old son - because she

refused to let him watch football.

Police say that the Tampa mother got into an

argument over changing a television channel, and it

ended with her losing her life.

Tampa police arrested 42-year-old Tyrone Terell

Johnson after they receiving a 911 call from the

suspect, claiming he was being attacked.

Deputies responded to his home around 7PM on

Sunday and found the two victims inside the

apartment. The mother is Tyrone s live-in girlfriend

and investigator said he is not the biological father of

the deceased child.

Deputies interviewed Tyrone, who said the following

events led up the deadly shooting:

Tyrone went on, telling police that when the child

entered the master bedroom, he fired the handgun at

the child, according to the affidavit.


(Johnson) engaged in a verbal altercation with

his live-in girlfriend over (Johnson) changing

the television station to watch a football game.

(Johnson) moved to the master bedroom of the

apartment because he wanted to pack his

belongings and leave. (He) has trouble walking

because of an injury incurred while in the

military. (He) began packing his clothing when

(the female victim) came into the bedroom,

continuing to verbally berate him.

(She) allegedly was "tussling" at (Johnson's)

back. (He) claimed (she) pushed him off of his

"knee roller" and he sat down on the floor next

to the bed. (Her 10-year-old son) approached

(Johnson) and accused him of hitting (his


(Johnson) pushed (the child) off of his left

side...and then armed himself with what he

described as a Glock 22 .40 caliber handgun.

(Johnson) then began to fire at (the female

victim) as she was holding a Playstation in her


Tyrone went on, telling police that when the child

entered the master bedroom, he fired the handgun at

the child, according to the affidavit.

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Enrique Iglesias serves s.ex to girlfriend as breakfast

The singer has said that he serves sex to his girlfriend as breakfast.

Enrique Iglesias has admitted that sex with his

partner Anna Kournikova is "better than ever".

And the randy pop star loves it so much that he

even serves it up for breakfast.

The Spanish singer, 43, has been in a relationship

with the Russian tennis star, 37, for 17 years, with

the pair welcoming twins Lucy and Nicholas last


But becoming parents certainly hasn't put a

downer on their time in the bedroom.

Speaking on ITV's Lorraine yesterday, Enrique

said: "The sex is better than ever - that's what I do

for breakfast.

"It's probably more sex now than ever. The sex

has not diminished."

Enrique also denied reports that he had married

Anna, who he met on the set of his video shoot

for 2001 single Escape.

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Rapist who wrote blood apology to victim

The man's action confirms more

A Dublin man who drugged and raped a Spanish

student wrote an apology in blood on a prison

cell wall.

Eoin Berkley, 25, has pleaded guilty to three

charges of sexually assaulting the teenager over a

21-hour period on July 15 and July 16 last year.

A court heard how Berkley threatened to kill the

18-year-old after tying her up inside a tent located

at a derelict site.

Her ordeal finally ended when Berkley fell asleep

and she escaped, the Irish Mirror reported .

She told police: “I knew I would have only one

real chance to escape. He had total control of my

life over these days. I was terrified.”

When he was arrested and placed in a holding

cell Berkley, of Hampton Wood Way in Finglas,

Dublin, wrote “I’m so sorry” in his blood on the


The Central Criminal Court was told a month

before the attack, a Garda detective ordered the

25-year-old’s arrest under the Mental Health Act.

However, a doctor later decided he was fit to be


On Monday, Berkley admitted three counts of

raping the woman at the Irish Glass Bottle

Company site on Pigeon House Road in Dublin

last year.

The court heard the student, described as naive

and shy, had arrived in Ireland two weeks earlier

to improve her English. She was staying with a

host family in the capital.

The woman was in the city centre on a Saturday

afternoon when she met Berkley, who told her he

lived on the beach and invited her along.

She agreed and walked with him to a derelict site

near Sandymount, where he had a number of tents


Once inside the tent his mood changed. He

pushed her to the ground and grabbed her hands.

The victim told him he was hurting her but he

laughed, called her stupid and said he had “done

this before”.

She left the tent but was dragged back in. Berkley

then tied her hands behind her back with a dog

leash before claiming he had killed six people and

was going to kill her.

He repeatedly tried to strangle her and at one

point picked up a small saw, threatening to cut

off her hands if she didn’t stop struggling.

When the student begged him to kill her in the

least painful way, he gave her some tablets and

put on a pair of black gloves. She took the pills,

fell down and he began abusing her.

Over the hours that followed Berkley raped the

woman on three separate occasions. On the

Sunday he told her he wasn’t going to kill her until


He said he had stopped having feelings about

people at the age of 10 and had cut the paws off


The victim escaped when Berkley took her down

to the beach and fell asleep. In the meantime, the

host family in Dublin and her parents in Spain had

raised the alarm.

As she fled the student rang her dad, telling him:

“I’ve been kidnapped. I’m going to be killed.”

He told the court this was the worst call a father

could ever get.

The trial heard medical tests found morphine,

codeine and cannabis in the victim’s body after

the attack. She had suffered bruising to her wrist,

arms, legs and neck.

In a victim impact statement the woman told how

she had to take medication for months after the

rape in case of infections and is now scared to

sleep in the dark.

She said she thinks about what happened every

day, adding: “I was afraid. I did not want to be


Mr Justice Michael White adjourned sentencing to

next week. He remanded Berkley in continuing

custody until Thursday, November 1.

His lawyer Michael Bowman had earlier told the

court his client went into foster care at the age of

four. Ten years later he was institutionalised at

Ballydowd, a facility for unruly youths.

After leaving the unit he had been mostly


A month before the attack an officer directed his

detention under the Mental Health Act but he was

released by a doctor.

Two days later, Berkley’s brother rang gardai

saying he needed to be held under the Act.

Officers told him there was no basis for his

detention and advised him to seek medical care.

Berkley has 25 previous convictions including

unlawful possession of knives and threatening and

abusive behaviour.

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Chinese company to mount Artificial moon

A company in China is planning to launch an artificial moon, to help in lighting up the streets of China.

Last week, Chinese media reported plans

by a private institute to launch an

“artificial moon” over the city of

Chengdu, in Sichuan province, by 2020.

The objective is to provide an alternative

means of street lighting and save on

electricity. Since then, the idea has not

only received wide coverage (including

in The Indian Express, October 19) but

also been viewed with some skepticism.

What is known so far

Information about the project has so far

been incomplete. People’s Daily Online,

the first to report it, said the artificial

moon would be a mirror orbiting

Chengdu at a height of 500 km. It would

reflect the sun’s light at night, and

supplement street lighting in Chengdu,

which has a population of 1.6 million.

People’s Daily Online reported that the

artificial moon’s brightness will be

around eight times that of the moon,

while China Daily reported that the

brightness would be a fifth of a

streetlight’s. The People’s Daily Online

report said the moon would illuminate

an area of diameter between 10-80 km. If

the illuminated area is 50 sq km, an AFP

report said, it would save an estimated

1.2 billion yuan ($170 million) a year in

electricity costs for Chengdu.

If the experiment proves successful, two

more such moons could be sent up by

2022, according to the China Daily report,

which quoted Wu Chunfeng, chairman of

Chengdu Aerospace Science and

Technology Microelectronics System

Research Institute Co Ltd, and head of

Tian Fu New Area Science Society that is

handling the project.

What Chinese media did not clarify is

whether the project has the official

backing of the government. Various other

publications reported that they could not

confirm the project independently with


The challenges

At an altitude as low as 500 km, and

considering a diameter small enough to

be economically viable, accuracy is key.

Missing the angle of reflection by even a

few degrees would miss Chengdu by

miles, a scientist has reportedly said. “If

you want to light up an area with an

error of say 10 km, even if you miss by

one 100th of a degree you’ll have the

light pointing at another place,” BBC

quoted Dr Matteo Ceriotti, a lecturer in

Space Systems Engineering at the

University of Glasgow, as saying.

Again, there must be sufficient glow, but

if this glow covers a large area, it could

potentially affect the daily cycle of

animals and plants, and even affect the

human circadian system — the body

clock. “Many people are in a circadian

fog where our physiology is confused,”

Richard Stevens, a cancer epidemiologist

at the University of Connecticut School of

Medicine, told The New York Times.

Is it possible?

The idea to have a satellite reflect light at

night isn’t new. In 1993, Russia sent up

Znamya 2, a plastic mirror with a

diameter of 65 ft. It managed to reflect a

narrow beam of light, and astronauts on

the then space station Mir reportedly

filmed a patch of light on the surface.

“The two-and-and-half-mile-wide beam

traveled for about eight minutes across

part of the Atlantic Ocean and then

across Europe, including Russia,” The

NYT reported in 1993. For people on the

ground, the light was seen as pulses from

a star-like object.

Six years later, Russia launched Znamya

2.5, which was meant to be a larger

mirror, but it did not deploy properly.

The idea of sending up a giant mirror in

the sky died with it. Until now.

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Monday, 22 October 2018

Strange: Rapper pulls gun on fans

Famous Dex was opening a concert for rapper YG for

The University Of California-Irvine's annual

Shocktoberfest celebration - and things ended badly .

“University police on site declared it was a dangerous

situation,” UC-Irvine spokesman Tom Vasich told the

Los Angeles Times, “so they turned on the lights and

canceled the rest of the show.”

Vasich confirmed two students were arrested for

intoxication, but the audience evacuated the venue “in

an orderly fashion.” It was clear that the chaos had

officially calmed down—that is, until a crowd of

concertgoers swarmed Dex’s vehicle outside the arena.

Police believe that Dex is at least partially to blame for

causing a stampede that ending the concert

prematurely, before YG could ever take the

stage. According to eyewitness accounts from Twitter,

Dex started a near riot, when he jumped into the crowd

to crowd surf.

A mini riot broke out, and the rapper ran off to his


While in his car, the rapper was approached by a

group of college students - and he pulled a gun and

threatened to shoot them.

After Dex and his entourage fled the scene, campus

police issued the following alert: “a male 25 yr, 5’11,

was seen inside white vehicle…with a gun at Pereira &

W. Peltason. Call 911 if vehicle seen.” Shortly after the

incident, UC-Irvine police posted a tweet, stating the

“campus [was] all clear.”

Police are now looking for Dex, to question him

regarding this incident.

Here is the link to the video:

See video here

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Teenage student forces teacher to change grades under gun point

This incident occurred in a suburb of Brazil plagued

with gang violence. Video of the incident - which was

filmed inside the classroom - has gone viral on social


According to online reports, the teenager in the video

is a local gang member. Brazilian media is claiming

that the teen pulled a gun to scare the teacher, who

threatened to fail him.

The gang member pulled his gun and can be heard on

camera telling the teacher to "change his grade." The

student/gunman is speaking Portuguese in the video.

Also in the video, you hear other students laughing -

while the gunman holds a pistol to his teacher's head.

The teacher was unharmed, according to Brazilian

media. And police are searching for the teen.

Here is the link to the video:

see video here

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Priest who testified against suspected rapist catholic bishop, found dead.

A Catholic priest, one of the key

witnesses in the rape case against Bishop

Franco Mulakkal, was found dead under

suspicious circumstances at Hoshiarpur

district of Punjab on Monday. Father

Kuriakose Kattuthara (62) was found

lying in an unconscious state by his

assistant at St Mary’s Catholic Church in

Dasuya sub-division; he was rushed to

the hospital where he was declared

brought dead.

Father Kuriakose had served as a priest

in the Jalandhar diocese and had given a

statement to the police against Bishop

Mulakkal, who has been accused of

raping a nun 13 times between 2014 and

2016. The deceased priest had also served

as a vocational trainer in a convent

belonging to the Missionaries of Jesus,

and had offered assistance to other nuns

who had expressed their grievances

against the Bishop.

Providing details, an eyewitness in the

case said the priest had vomited near his


While the exact cause behind the death is

yet to be known, however, family

members cried foul play behind the

incident. Father Kattuthara’s family

alleged that the priest had received death

threats from those in the church for

speaking against the Bishop.

Talking to The Indian Express

from Pallippuram near Cherthala in

Alappuzha (Kerala), the deceased priest’s

brother Jose Kattuthara said, “I spoke to

my brother last week over the phone

when he told me that he was getting

threats after Bishop Franco was granted

bail in the rape case.”

Jose added, “I have filed a complaint with

the police, demanding a probe into the

case.” He also claimed that the police

was aware of the threats issued to the

priest. He said he will travel to Punjab


Hoshiarpur Senior Superintendent of

Police J Elanchezhian said the police was

informed late about the incident. He

added that it was the church officials

who had rushed the priest to the

hospital, where he was declared brought


Dasuya Deputy Superintendent of Police

(DSP) AR Sharma told news agency ANI

that no injuries were found on the

deceased priest’s body. “He (Father

Kuriakose) used to live at St. Paul’s

Church in Dasuya. He was found dead

there. He was 62. The matter will be

investigated. I have been informed that

no injuries have been found,” the officer


The DSP added, “It was found that he

had vomited over the bed. Blood

pressure tablets were found at the spot.

An investigation is underway. In our

notice, no security was provided to him.”

Bishop Mulakkal, who has been accused

of subjecting a nun to unnatural sex on

multiple occasions over two-and-a-half-

years, is currently out on bail.

A large number of people, including

supporters and Independent MLA P C

George, had greeted the 54-year-old

clergyman as he came out of the sub-jail

at Pala last week, 25 days after he was

arrested. The court, while granting the

conditional bail, had directed the bishop

to leave the state within 24 hours of his

release from the prison.

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Sunday, 21 October 2018

Fake doctor abuse toddlers brought to him for treatment

Fake doctor abuse toddlers brought to him for treatment

Lee Smith III, 29, was arrested in Boise, Idaho, and

charged with sexual assault of a child and indecency

with a child in attacks on Aug. 1, 2017. The other

victim, authorities said, was a 15 year old girl.

Boise police encountered Smith when someone

reported “a suspicious vehicle with a flat tire,” Houston

Police Detective David Yoon said at the news

conference. The responding Boise officer ran Smith’s

license plate and driver’s license, then learned that he

was wanted in Texas. He was taken into custody

without incident.

According to authorities, Lee used a disguise and

pretended to be a doctor - to get close to the children

without suspicion. Then, he allegedly molested them,

and told the children that he was "examining" them.

Yoon said it was in June that he was assigned the

case, after the parents of a 6-year-old and a 15-year-

old reported that their children were sexually abused by

Smith. The parents of the victims told police that

Smith fled when they confronted him. Police tracked

him down, asked him to come in and give a statement

— and he disappeared again.

Smith volunteered at schools and other places where

he had access to children.

“He was very active and very clever at how he got

around children,” Yoon said.

When the children reported the alleged abuse, Lee took

off running. He's been on the run for almost a year.

Police found him in Idaho, after a tipster snitched him


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60 decomposing bodies of infants discovered hidden in boxes in funeral home

The remains of more than 60 infants

and fetuses were found stashed inside a Detroit

funeral home, police said on Friday, calling the

discovery “deeply disturbing.”

The incident comes about a week after the badly

decomposed bodies of 11 babies were found

hidden in a false ceiling at a different funeral home

in the Michigan city.

No connection between the two cases has yet been

established, Detroit’s police chief said. He added

city, state and federal investigators were looking to

form a task force to investigate the improper

storage of human remains.

Unrefrigerated boxes containing about 36 sets of

remains were recovered from the Perry Funeral

Home along with another 27 sets of remains in a

freezer, police said.

“This is deeply disturbing,” Detroit Police Chief

James Craig told reporters on Friday. “I have never

seen anything like this in my 41-1/2 years (on the

force), ever.” Investigators are working to establish

ages and identities.

An official with Perry Funeral Home, which offers

burial and cremation services, declined to

comment on the incident.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and

Regulatory Affairs said in a statement it revoked the

funeral home’s license and shut down the facility

after inspectors “found heinous conditions and

negligent conduct at the home.”

Police have also launched an investigation into the

now-defunct Cantrell Funeral Home, where the

remains of the 11 babies were uncovered last week

after authorities received an anonymous letter

leading them to the remains.

Its former operators have not commented to media.

In April, state regulators found “deplorable,

unsanitary conditions” at the same premises,

including embalmed bodies in an unrefrigerated

garage and other badly decomposed remains, the

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory

Affairs said in a statement at the time.

The funeral home was also accused of several

licensing and financial violations, the agency said.

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Teacher films s*xaul intercourse with teenage student inside classroom

A Louisiana teacher is accused of filming a s*x tape

with student inside classroom - while etc rest of the

class was attending the school's Pep Rally.

The incident occurred at Port Barre High School in


Police say that Constance Robertson, a 25-year-old

substitute teacher, had s*x with a teenage boy in her

classroom, and the two filmed the incident.

The video of the incident was discovered by school

administrators, after the 16-year-old student, who

recorded the incident on his cellphone shared it with

other students

Police were called, and they looked at the contents of

the teenager’s phone and found evidence that led to

Robertson’s arrest..

Constance told police she thought the student was 18.

She was charged with felony carnal knowledge of a


Robertson and the student had earlier agreed to meet

in her classroom during the rally. Robertson, who has

worked in the district since May 2017, said she

thought the boy was 18 at the time, Port Barre Police

Chief Deon Boudreaux told the station.

St. Landry Parish Schools officials learned of the

allegations Thursday and have since relieved

Robertson of her duties as a substitute. More evidence

was later recovered on her phone — leading to her

arrest — but police did not elaborate on what was


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Saturday, 20 October 2018

Monkeys allegedly stone man to death in India

A 70-year-old



stoned to

death by some

monkeys in a

village here,

putting the

police in a fix

as the


family wants

an FIR to be

registered against them. 

The incident

took place on October 17 in Tikri village

of the district.

Circle officer Ramala Rajiv Pratap Singh

told PTI that the deceased was sleeping

near a pile of bricks when some monkeys

jumped on the bricks. The pile of bricks

collapsed and fell on Dharampal, leaving

him injured. He was taken to hospital

where he succumbed.

Giving a different narrative, Krishnapal

Singh, the brother of the deceased, in his

complaint has said that Dharampal was

collecting woods for a havan when he

was attacked by the monkeys. Bricks

were thrown at his head and chest, and

he succumbed to injuries at the hospital.

“We have submitted a written complaint

against the monkeys, but the police is

terming it as an accident,” he said.

He said they will now meet senior

officials and request them to initiate

action in this regard.

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