Friday, 8 June 2018

How to write perfect SEO optimised article, and a full blogspot blog SEO

Getting traffic is every Blogger's dream for his blog. Every Blogger wants to be getting organic traffic but to accomplish this, there are some procedures one must follow in other to successfully search engine optimize your Blogger post. These are the things I will be treating in this post.

SEO techniques to make your Blogger post rank on Google

Keep characters in your post title up to 50 :

While writing your Blogger (Blogspot) blog post, you should try to make your title to contain up to 50 characters. I don't really know how this technique really works out with search engines but it has proven to work. I have tried this too and it contributes to making your Blogger post more SEO friendly.

Remove stop words from permalink:

Permalink is that part of your blog post that the search engine crawls. It is the link that the search engine is able to read. You can make a few changes to your post permalink, by adding a few keywords to it. 

Be careful with your keyword density:

While it is advisable to add enough keywords to your blog post, you should beware of over doing this. If you add too much keywords to your blog post, you will be penalized by Google for keyword stuffing. If you don't add enough on the other hand, your post won't have enough visibility before the "eyes" of Google. It is advised you keep your keyword density to 2%, and don't be too focused on keywords while writing your blog post. Instead write your blog post first, then search out places where keywords will fit in.

Multiple labelling:

In WordPress, they call it tags, while Blogger(blogspot) call it labels. This helps in separating your blog posts into different relevant categories. It also helps in linking related posts to your blog posts when making use of labels on your Blogger post , don't keep it down to just one or two keywords, instead label your posts with lots of keywords, this will help a lot in your blog post SEO.

Alt tag and title tag:

Every image you use in you blog post should have alt tag and title tag properly to used, to help you achieve proper ranking for the post images.

Provide meta tags: 

Meta tags are used to provide more specific information about a webpage to the users and search engines. Constructing a well optimized meta tag will do a lot of good.

Bonus techniques to boost blog SEO potentials

Make use of your target keywords in writing your blog description, blog title and blog footer text. This helps to increase your blogs keyword density.

"nofollow" unnecessary links on your blog. Nofollow is the code that allows you to keep search engine's eyes away from links you don't want them to crawl. Here is the code to use ;

Also necessary is the fact that you have to nofollow the comment section of your blog to prevent spam comments being crawled by search engines, which will lead to your blog being penalized.

Note, the advantage WordPress has over Blogger(blogspot) is that WordPress has plugins which perform most of these functions automatically,if installed, while on Blogger, you have to do them manually. Anyways, Blogger is Google's platform for blogging, so you are sure to get some benefits with it, if you do you "maths" well enough.
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Monday, 4 June 2018

How to check Airtel airtime balance

Airtel telecommunication company is one of the leading telecommunication company in Nigeria. With their recent restructuring and rebranding, they have become one darling network Nigerians love especially when it comes to data subscription.

Airtel has one of the best data plans that allows you to be active in the internet, no matter how "broke" you are.

In this post , we will be talking about how you can check Airtel airtime balance.

To check Airtel airtime balance is not a hard task. It is very simple to do. You can check Airtel airtime balance by simply dailing the required USSD code.

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How to check Airtel airtime balance

Below is one of the easiest and fastest ways to check your Airtel airtime balance, on your phone.

Prepaid account balance code is

Just go ahead and dail *123# on your mobile device then wait for an instant reply, which Airtel does in a matter of seconds. This will display your current Airtel airtime balance.

That is it. A complete and comprehensive guide on how to check Airtel airtime balance . You might never have thought you will ever search for "check Airtel airtime balance" in Google search but you did. Sometimes we forget even the things we thought were the simplest and the easiest.

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Thursday, 31 May 2018

How to borrow airtime from Airtel

This post will solve your puzzle on getting the code for borrowing airtime from Airtel NigAtimes we run out of airtime, when we really need to make that very important phone call. What do you do in such a situation, where you are unable to recharge from your bank account or from a vendor at the moment?

Back in the days, our response to the above question will be to leave the call for another day or time or borrow a friend's phone if available.

Not to worry any longer. You can now borrow airtime from Airtel and pay back later, as most of the other leading telecommunication companies are doing now (GLO, MTN and 9mobile, formally known as Etisalat).

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How to borrow airtime on the Airtel network

Before Airtel extra credit service allows you to borrow airtime from Airtel, there are conditions you must meet, before you are considered eligible.

They are 

  • You must be a prepaid customer
  • You must have used your Airtel sim card for at least three months
  • Your line must be active and regularly recharged.

Amount that can be borrowed

This ranges depending on how active and how regularly you recharge your line. You can borrow amounts ranging from N25 to N500.

Code to borrow airtime on airtel network

It is pretty simple. Just dail *500# or *500*amount# . Example *500*50#, to borrow N50 and then follow the prompts that show up.

Service charge

When you borrow from Airtel, you don't get 100% of what you intend to borrow. Your service charge is deducted from the Airtel airtime you borrowed. You pay 15% of borrowed amount as your service charge.

That is to say for instance, if you borrow N100, you are given N85. If you borrow N50, you will receive N42.50 .

That is it. A complete guide on how to borrow airtime from Airtel. So don't fail to make that important call again. Go ahead and borrow some airtime from Airtel, through the Airtel extra credit service.

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Saturday, 30 September 2017

How to write for a Nigerian or global audience

Writing has been active for years. It is an age long practice of documenting information and stories for the coming generations to read and also as well as for reference purposes. At a point in your reading life , you had imagined supposing you were the one that was able to write the book you were reading, or something like that. It is very possible for you to write an interesting piece of work, but you have to follow the "Dos" and avoid the "Don'ts" religiously. If not , your writings' end results will be something crappy.

Before you even think of writing a piece, there is something you must be good at. When I say that, I mean absolutely good at it and that is READING. You should be an avid reader.

Readers are leaders. Reading broadens your scope as a writer and makes you better at imagination ( a great tool for every writer). So read more. Read mostly articles by writers you want to imitate their writing styles. By so doing, you will get into their world and discover the writing methods they make use of.

Thinking of trying your hands on writing? Below are the things you need to do and also be mindful of, if you must write a good post for Nigerian or global audience.

1. Have an idea of what you want to write about:
This is very important. Before you set out to get down with writing, you should be able to visualize in your imagination what actually it is you want to "paint a portrait" of using letters and words. The effect you want your writing to have and the issue you want it to tackle.

2. Draw an outline:
Just like a builder who requires a building plan, so does a writer require an outline for whatever he/she wants to write about. Even as I am writing this piece, I have before hand drawn my outline and am using it as a guide to make my writing easier and more more focused.

3. Plan how, where and when you want to write:
Very important. Just as we have our different temperaments, so does it also affect our mood and what inspires us to write. Discover what makes you more comfortable, where this happens, and when (time). Using myself as an example, I just completed a m manuscript for a novel. During my writing, I at some points get afraid and at other points, it makes me shade tears. This I find very comfortable an it helps me to be realistic in story writing. Yes, I do get afraid of what I was writing about because I put myself in the shoes of my characters. Also, the best time for me to write is in the night or in a serene and quiet environment. Yes, this is what helps my writings real. So it's up to you to discover your own turn-ons.

4. Research further on your focus:
Think you've got all it takes? I will advise you research further on your main goal of writing. This will help you as you write. There is no harm in knowledge. Broaden your horizon the more.

5. Start writing:
It is time for you to grab your laptop or pen and start writing. Don't rush. Let your flow come naturally. Writing don't just happen. Ideas propel your creativity. Be mindful of punctuations and your use of the parts of speech. I am not saying you have be a PhD holder in English language or the language you want to write with, but you have to be fluent at least, and good at combining words to make a perfect statement.

6. Edit your work:
This where you do a general fine- tuning of your work. You can do this in the process of your writing or after you are done writing your piece. Editing in this context is to rearrange, remove or add more words and expressions to your written work.

7. Get a second eye to proofread:
Find someone you can trust with your work. A person you are sure won't pirate your work. Get him to read your work, to advise and correct your errors. This person must have more experience than you in writing, in other to correct your errors ( grammatically and otherwise ), etc.

8. Get professional services:
If you are thinking of publishing a book, then it is time to get professionals and experts in the field involved. There are people who job range from typesetting your work, to correcting your grammar and generally fine-tuning your work. This will cost you some money. So be ready financially for this.

9. Think about publishing your work:
The aim of any writer who writes a piece is for it to be read by others out there, or may be to make money in the process. Publishing your writing is the height of any work. There are lots of ways to do this. You can publish through a publishing house, self publish in hard copy or eBook format. You can also choose to publish on a blog just like am doing now.
In all, I always tell you that it is up to you. Choose what you think suits you.

Hope this article was helpful?
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Friday, 29 September 2017

How to check your BVN details in Nigeria

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You must have heard about the Bank Verification Code (BVN). Do you know what it is about? Are you having some hitches getting your bank account to be linked to your BVN?

This post on how to check your BVN details and how to register for BVN, will be of help to you. But before I continue, below is the USSD code to check your BVN.

To check your BVN details , dail *565*0# with your registered phone number.

Okay. Now that you know the code to check your BVN details with, let us proceed to our next How to, which is on how to register your BVN details in Nigeria.

First step is to visit your Nigerian bank. The bank you are banking with.
After this,

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 #1 Request for BVN registration
Once you are at your bank, make your intention known to them, about your interest in registering for BVN. If you are not sure whom to approach for your BVN details registration, approach the Customer Care (CC) desk, they will direct you.

#2 Fill your form
On getting to the personnel in charge of BVN details registeration, you will be presented a form to fill. Provide your details on the form and also put down your signature.

Do you know that the Nigerian Interbank Settlement
System is responsible for displaying your Bank
Verification Number (BVN) details on your phone? Now you know!

#3 Confirm registration and linking to your bank account
After returning your form to the bank staff, sit and wait for your registration to be processed and confirmed. This is to make sure you won't need returning back to the bank for registration a second time.

#4 Check BVN details 
 Now that you have been registered, and your bank account linked to your BVN. You can go ahead and dail the USSD code I provided at the beginning of this post; *565*0#. This will display your BVN at the cost of 10 naira only, provided you used your registered phone number.

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