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Thursday, 31 May 2018

How to borrow airtime from Airtel

This post will solve your puzzle on getting the code for borrowing airtime from Airtel NigAtimes we run out of airtime, when we really need to make that very important phone call. What do you do in such a situation, where you are unable to recharge from your bank account or from a vendor at the moment?

Back in the days, our response to the above question will be to leave the call for another day or time or borrow a friend's phone if available.

Not to worry any longer. You can now borrow airtime from Airtel and pay back later, as most of the other leading telecommunication companies are doing now (GLO, MTN and 9mobile, formally known as Etisalat).

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How to borrow airtime on the Airtel network

Before Airtel extra credit service allows you to borrow airtime from Airtel, there are conditions you must meet, before you are considered eligible.

They are 

  • You must be a prepaid customer
  • You must have used your Airtel sim card for at least three months
  • Your line must be active and regularly recharged.

Amount that can be borrowed

This ranges depending on how active and how regularly you recharge your line. You can borrow amounts ranging from N25 to N500.

Code to borrow airtime on airtel network

It is pretty simple. Just dail *500# or *500*amount# . Example *500*50#, to borrow N50 and then follow the prompts that show up.

Service charge

When you borrow from Airtel, you don't get 100% of what you intend to borrow. Your service charge is deducted from the Airtel airtime you borrowed. You pay 15% of borrowed amount as your service charge.

That is to say for instance, if you borrow N100, you are given N85. If you borrow N50, you will receive N42.50 .

That is it. A complete guide on how to borrow airtime from Airtel. So don't fail to make that important call again. Go ahead and borrow some airtime from Airtel, through the Airtel extra credit service.

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