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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

California candidate Rachel Hundley stunned as she sees photos of herself in undies posted online.

As soon as Rachel Hundley saw the link, her heart sank.
A city council member in the small, quiet city of Sonoma, California, Hundley was working from home on August 13 when a message from an unfamiliar address popped into her inbox. What she read stunned her.
The anonymous email accused the 35-year-old Hundley of being “immoral and unethical.” It then suggested that she drop out of her race for reelection in November. She read the note a few times before the reality of the threat set in. Then she clicked the link.

The now-disabled website, called “Rachel Hundley Exposed”, attacked Hundley for her stance on divisive issues while mayor of Sonoma. It contained photographs mined from Hundley’s social media accounts, including some showing her in a bra and underwear and working at Burning Man, the famed art and music festival.
The site, supposedly by an organisation called “Sonoma Citizens for Peace and Cooperation,” called Hundley a “cruel and demented person,” who was “a cancer” that needed to be cut off

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