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Saturday, 29 September 2018

18+; My Father's Wife-Episode 2

episode 2

SKYBEAUTY: sky can you imagine the type of little
daddy brought here as a wife?
I read through as i opened a whatsapp message
from Jessy,
saved her number with skybeauty.
ME: Honestly i really dont know what to say about it
but when did daddy marry her na.
SKYBEAUTY: Maybe that what the busy he was
saying he was, he was busy doing her marriage
ME: But that Amanda shaa, daddy can easily pass for
ancestor, how could she agree to this.
SKYBEAUTY: This boy are u that dumb? its money
jooooor **laughing face**
ME: Abi, i thought as much anyway daddy don try
as long as she makes him happy am ok with it.
SKYBEAUTY; Brb step sis…..oh i mean step mum is
calling me from the kitchen…**laughing face**
ME: mumu go jooor….
Amanda turned out to be a very nice person even
Jessy never like her that much.
I on my own part feels indifferent about my dad
having a
new wife but i cant help always feasting my eyes on
round firm boobs which she always makes sure a lot
cleavage peeps out.
And those kim kerdashian kinda of bumz that forces
to act mercilessly on my eyes each time i’m close to
and i could swear she sees me mopping at her.
Could tell from the slight smirk she puts on
whenever she is
in my presence.
The evil low waist trousers that clearly shows off a
part of her upper panties or those skimpy skirts or
she always clad at home giving out those fleshy
threatening to run all the way to her p**sy area , talk
about those bum-shorts.
“Was this extra-sexy girl brought here to torment my
life?” i cursed under my breathe anytime i jerked off
with a
picture of her on my mind.
On that most beautiful day, dad have been out for
on a trip to God knows where, Jessy had gone back
school 2 nights before which means i was left with
this sexy
nemesis at home.
The full blazing beam of the sun battered the earth, if
look hard enough you would notice something like
steam oozing out from the ground showing u how
baked and
hot the ground were.
Being in school all morning my brain was already
what i
could term as fried like plantain.
I hurried home, probably to enter the shower or
better still
the swimming pool.
On arriving home, i threw a weak greeting at Ahmed
was our gate man, i always found time to stay and
with him anytime i pass the gate.
His half hausa/half english accent riddled with heavy
mimicry of igbo accent always got me rolling on the
with laughter.
“Walahi oga, this sun i don fry am for my brain kwo?
Ahmed teased as i bundled myself into the gate.
“Ahmed abeg i will be beck to chat with you later” i
threw at Ahmed as i made my way into the
Looking round our compound situated at
independence layout
in Enugu state, it was a fairly large compound, a
lawn at the right flank with a few swings and chairs
can relax on.
An average sized swimming pool with a few
moveable bar
tables occupied the other side, which was were
daddy and
most of his friends stayed when ever they visited,
beats the laugh i have when ever i see those
pregnant men
shirtless trying to do what u can term swimming.
The exotic car park just before the house, ladened
jeeps and other cars that seem to throw the sun’s ray
back at it, our house a one storeyed duplex, 10rooms
2sitting rooms, coated in a beautiful white colour
brownish cream buttered in some desired places
giving it a
perfect colour tone.
I crashed the door open, dropping my little back
pack on
the floor of the sitting room, peeling off my clothes
on the
floor as i dashed to the guest bathroom beside the
to take a shower.
The image that stood before was shocking and
exciting at
the same time.
…To be Continued…

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