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Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Carl Bernstein calls President Trump A National Emergency

Carl Bernstein said the explosive revelations in the
book Fear by Bob Woodward make it clear that we
are now facing a “national emergency” caused by
President Donald Trump .
He said on CNN on Tuesday that the book brings
us all inside the Trump White House, “and it is a
horror show.”

Woodward and Bernstein together covered the
Watergate scandal, and their reporting for The
Washington Post ultimately helped lead to the
resignation of President Richard Nixon .
Bernstein said Woodward’s book makes it clear
that the White House staff is trying to protect the
nation and the world from the president himself,
who is described as a “rage-a-holic” and
“The only previous time that I know of that it’s
happened in our history is in the closing days of the
Nixon presidency,” he said. “This has been true
throughout the Trump presidency: Save the country
from the president of the United States.”
Bernstein said the system worked under Nixon due
to pressure from within the president’s own party.
Now, he said, that has to happen again.
“It is time for the Republicans to say, ’The Trump
presidency is a national emergency and it is up to
us ― both parties ― to treat the Trump presidency
as a national emergency,” he said.

But so far, they haven’t shown any sign of standing
up to Trump.
“What we have seen so far is an abdication of
responsibility by Republicans in the Congress of
the United States such as we have never seen.”
Fear will be released next week.

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