Linda Ikeji's sacked employee speaks on next move in handling the situation at hand

Media practitioner Theo Ukpaa who was sacked by
Linda Ikeji over allegations of r*pe has finally

Ukpaa who held a high position in Linda's
company was accused of r*ping a Emilia Samuel
when she was 16.
Emilia, who is now married with two children,
alleged that Ukpaa r*ped and deflowered her at the
age of 16-year-old and continued until he left the
This got Ukpaa’s boss Linda Ikeji to sack him
while on his honeymoon which he still is on.
Reacting to the news, Ukpaa told Sunday Scoop: “I
am aware of the rape allegation. I am on my
honeymoon right now; I will be back to the country
next week. My legal team is on the matter. When I
come into town, we can have a chat.”
On Linda Ikeji sacking him Ukpaa confirmed his
appointment was terminated on Monday, August
27, after reading Samuel’s story and insisted he
would react to his sack after his honeymoon


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