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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Doctor finds nail inside man's head

A man in

China got the

shock of his

life when he

was told the

cause behind

his ‘splitting

headache’. The


man reached a

hospital in




complaining of

a severe

headache. When he was examined, the

doctors found out that a 48mm-long nail

was stuck in the top of his skull, the

Shanghaiist reported.

When asked how the nail managed to

reach his skull, the man surnamed Hu

informed the doctors that he worked at a

local cement factory was nowhere close

to any construction material let alone

nails. He further elaborated that

headache started earlier this week,

however with time it grew worse forcing

him to visit the hospital, the same report


“I have no idea why there is a nail in my

head,” he told Chutian Metropolis Daily

the South China Morning Post stated. “My

job is to monitor the security

surveillance cameras in the factory – it

has nothing to do with nails.”

Fortunately, the health indicators of the

man were normal, however, doctors are

yet to figure out how the nail ended up

in the skull.

Hu has been taken to a larger hospital

for treatment, where he will undergo an

operation to get the nail extracted from

his head.

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