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Thursday, 11 October 2018

John Legend's wife posts 'sexy' photo, but fans are 'killing' her for it

John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen just released some

new pics of her body - out pregnancy. Chrissy just

gave birth 6 months ago, and she's proud of her new


Before giving birth, Chrissy was a model for men's

magazines - like Maxim and Sports Illustrated.

But her body has gone through a lot of changes since

then. And some of her "fans" don't think that the new

pics of Chrissy are very flattering.

Here are some of the comments online:

  • It must be painful for her to see her old pics from being a Sports Illustrated model to this...
  • She looks like my laundry lady
  • Why does this woman call herself a model?
  • Standards are slipping these days.

Chrissy is hoping to change the look of models - so

that women of all shapes are accepted into the field.

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