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Monday, 22 October 2018

Strange: Rapper pulls gun on fans

Famous Dex was opening a concert for rapper YG for

The University Of California-Irvine's annual

Shocktoberfest celebration - and things ended badly .

“University police on site declared it was a dangerous

situation,” UC-Irvine spokesman Tom Vasich told the

Los Angeles Times, “so they turned on the lights and

canceled the rest of the show.”

Vasich confirmed two students were arrested for

intoxication, but the audience evacuated the venue “in

an orderly fashion.” It was clear that the chaos had

officially calmed down—that is, until a crowd of

concertgoers swarmed Dex’s vehicle outside the arena.

Police believe that Dex is at least partially to blame for

causing a stampede that ending the concert

prematurely, before YG could ever take the

stage. According to eyewitness accounts from Twitter,

Dex started a near riot, when he jumped into the crowd

to crowd surf.

A mini riot broke out, and the rapper ran off to his


While in his car, the rapper was approached by a

group of college students - and he pulled a gun and

threatened to shoot them.

After Dex and his entourage fled the scene, campus

police issued the following alert: “a male 25 yr, 5’11,

was seen inside white vehicle…with a gun at Pereira &

W. Peltason. Call 911 if vehicle seen.” Shortly after the

incident, UC-Irvine police posted a tweet, stating the

“campus [was] all clear.”

Police are now looking for Dex, to question him

regarding this incident.

Here is the link to the video:

See video here

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